Company Overview


Datablink Inc. is a global provider of advanced authentication and transaction signing solutions. Banks and enterprises around the globe rely on Datablink's innovative out-of-band technology to protect millions of online users and transactions every day.


Product Overview


Hardware Authenticator

  • Datablink Device 200

    Datablink Device 200 enables advanced authentication and financial transaction signing by reading a blinking image and generating a one-time use challenge and response-based dynamic password or signature.


Software Authenticator

  • Datablink Mobile 200

    Datablink Mobile 200 enables advanced authentication and financial transaction signing. Rather than requiring a user to physically type a code into a device to generate a one-time password, their smartphone is used to quickly confirm their identities. No other devices are required. To verify a user’s identity or sign a specific transaction, the organization can choose to employ push technology or use a QR Code that is read by the user’s smartphone camera.

  • Datablink Mobile 110

    Datablink Mobile 110 is a lightweight solution designed to provide authentication, authorization and transaction signatures by using Push technology.It cannot be intercepted or redirected, so the user will see the authentication request, and will reject it, stopping the fraud attempt.



  • Datablink Management Server

    Datablink Management Server is an organization’s complete management solution for the integration of advanced authentication and transaction signing into your applications. It uses strong authentication tokens via RADIUS protocol or Web Services to secure applications and networks for a variety of uses

  • Datablink Management API

    Datablink Management API provides organizations with the needed tools and libraries for dynamic application development. With low management costs and minimal performance or environmental impacts, Datablink Management API enables the smooth integration of Datablink’s advanced authentication and transaction signing solutions while also enabling validation directly inside an organization’s legacy or new applications — whether operated as standalone, client server or from the web.



  • Datablink Network Logon

    Datablink Network Logon serves as a Windows network logon application that enables secure network access with Datablink’s unique devices for advanced authentication. Datablink Network Logon protects an organization’s network from intruders while still cost-effectively ensuring secure access for trusted users.