Company Overview


20 Years of Defense Against Sophisticated Threats

Forcepoint, previously known as Websense and Raytheon|Websense, is an Austin-based company owned by US defense contractor Raytheon specializing in computer security software.[1] Their security solutions are used by businesses and government institutions to protect their networks from cybercrime, malware and data theft, as well as prevent users from viewing sexual or other inappropriate content and discourage employees from browsing non-business-related websites. Forcepoint uses a combination of classification engines, filtering categories, data fingerprints, and word filters designated by the individual customer's network policy. Forcepoint was formed in 2015 through the merger of Raytheon Cyber Products and Websense. The combination of the two organizations brought together decades of front-line experience across many domains of cybersecurity, from Fortune 100 enterprise to mid-sized businesses in every industry, to the world’s most highly secure defense, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.


Moving your business forward

Forcepoint was created to empower organizations to drive their business forward by safely embracing transformative technologies – cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and others – through a unified, cloud-centric platform that safeguards users, networks and data while eliminating the inefficiencies involved in managing a collection of point security products. The Forcepoint platform will protect against threats from insiders and outsiders, rapidly detect breaches, minimize “dwell time” – the period between compromise and remediation – and stop theft. With Forcepoint, organizations can protect users, networks and data in the cloud, on the road, and in the office. We simplify compliance, enable better decision-making and streamline security so that our customers can concentrate on what’s important to them.

Forcepoint was created by uniting the user protection, data security and cloud expertise of Websense with the defense-grade insider threat and analytics technology of Raytheon and the next-generation network protection capabilities of Stonesoft. Unlike other security companies, we have:

  • Years of experience and the financial commitment necessary to build and deliver sophisticated, integrated systems
  • The ongoing ability to commercialize a unique set of expertise gained on the harshest cyber frontlines
  • A passion to relentlessly pursue solutions that empower our customers to move their business forward with cloud, mobility and other disruptive advances while simplifying their security environment

That’s why more than 20,000 organizations around the world rely on Forcepoint to reduce risk and handle threats so they can focus their full attention on what matters most to them. Based in Austin, Texas, with worldwide sales, service, security laboratories and product development, Forcepoint is a joint venture of the Raytheon Company and Vista Equity Partners.


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