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Company Overview


TIBCO Software takes businesses  to their digital destinations by interconnecting everything in real time and providing augmented intelligence for everyone, from business users to data scientists. This  combination delivers faster answers, better decisions, and smarter actions. For nearly 20 years, thousands of businesses around the globe have relied on TIBCO technology to differentiate themselves through compelling customer experiences, optimized assets, and innovative new business models.


The TIBCO Fast Data platform is unique in its combined ability to interconnect businesses to everything and augment their intelligence with data. With a blend of API Management and Integration to connect to systems and things, enriched by Business Process Management to automate processes and connect to people, TIBCO’s Fast Data platform is the connective tissue every Digital Business needs. The TIBCO Fast Data platform then processes the data and caters to the organization’s need for information. Digital Businesses are driven by data, and TIBCO’s blend of reporting, visual analytics, and streaming analytics empowers businesses to identify and act on business opportunities when they matter most.


Product Overview



  • Tibco Jaspersoft

    Embedded business intelligence and reporting software.

  • Tibco Spotfire

    With TIBCO Spotfire analytics, you can visualize and interact with your data to instantly develop insights and take immediate action.



  • Tibco Clarity

    TIBCO® Clarity – Cloud Edition helps you integrate, profile, standardize, and transform data so it is trustworthy, allowing you to use it with confidence to identify trends and make smart decisions quickly.

  • Tibco Cloud Bus

    TIBCO Cloud Bus is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that enables you to seize the full potential of your cloud investments. Cloud Bus supports your enterprise's pivot to the cloud by integrating cloud applications and social networks with your existing applications.

  • Tibco Cloud Compute Grid

    TIBCO Cloud Compute Grid is high performance computing on the public cloud, easy for everyone to use. For computational work like Monte Carlo simulations, Cloud Compute Grid is much easier than Map-Reduce. You can even run complex statistical models multiple orders of magnitude faster than open source R, on a single computer..

  • Tibco Cloud Integration

    Quickly and easily model, create, test and deploy APIs

  • Tibco Cloud MDM

    TIBCO® Cloud MDM enables customers to manage master data by providing powerful capabilities of the on-premise TIBCO MDM solution packaged with ready-to-go templates delivered in the cloud environment for rapid deployment.

  • tibbr - Enterprise Social Networking

    tibbr is an enterprise social networking platform that revolutionizes the way we collaborate, innovate, learn, and share information in the workplace. It connects people, applications, and data in a contextual manner, bringing together what matters -- to individuals or groups -- so work gets done faster.

  • Tibco Formvine

    TIBCO Formvine enables anyone to quickly build simple business solutions, including forms and basic applications, as well as task flows like request, comment, and approve.

  • Tibco Mashery

    TIBCO Mashery can be used as a standalone cloud solution, or in conjunction with the on-premise version of TIBCO API Exchange Gateway as a hybrid implementation. TIBCO Mashery provides you with everything you need to build an integrated API marketplace where service providers and consumers come together to create, host, manage, learn about, and use open APIs.

  • Tibco Nimbus Maps

    TIBCO Nimbus™ Maps enables teams to Define, Simplify, Share, and Change their processes in minutes.

  • Tibco Silver Fabric

    TIBCO Silver® Fabric simplifies and streamlines the deployment and maintenance of your enterprise application stack to run anywhere and anytime you want, on demand and in real time.

  • Tibco Simplr

    Take your apps further. Connect the apps you use every day so they can do more.

  • Tibco Spotfire Cloud

    TIBCO Nimbus™ Maps enables teams to Define, Simplify, Share, and Change their processes in minutes.


Customer Loyalty

  • Tibco Reward

    TIBCO® Reward is the leading real-time loyalty management platform that helps you identify and reward your best customers right now, in the moment that matters most. Generate real-time offers and rewards, influence purchase decisions, and increase customer loyalty.


Event Processing

  • Tibco BusinessEvents

    TIBCO BusinessEvents is a complex event processing (CEP) solution that abstracts and correlates meaningful business information from the events and data flowing through your information systems.

  • Tibco LogLogic Compliance Manager

    LogLogic Compliance Manager and Suite offer full and proper compliance without complexity by automating the review and auditing process. Each edition of the suite augments the LogLogic platform with reports and alerts tuned to the requirements of an individual mandate.

  • Tibco StreamBase CEP

    This is the core StreamBase CEP product including the Studio IDE, the runtime server, and a set of general adapters for basic connectivity.

  • Tibco Live Datamart

    Live Datamart is based on StreamBase CEP and consumes real-time streaming data and provides a push-based real-time analytics solution that enables business users to analyze, anticipate, and alert on important business events in real time, and act on opportunities or threats as they occur.



  • Application Integration
    • Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

      TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is TIBCO's leading integration platform. It allows organizations to create and orchestrate services and capture and publish events from internal or external applications and technologies. Developers can rapidly develop and graphically test integration processes in a no-code, Eclipse-based IDE. These processes are then deployed in a reliable, highly available, and scalable architecture enabling integration with applications in the cloud to those capturing real-time mobile customer interactions.

    • Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for CICS

      TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for CICS allows integration processes to invoke execution of CICS applications from TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, without modification of CICS applications. It enables the integration of CICS applications with other systems.

    • Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for Data Conversion

      TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for Data Conversion for z/Linux allows integration processes to easily exchange data with applications written in Cobol, RPG, and/or PL/1. It parses/renders XML data within TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks running on z/Linux using the data structures defined in COBOL, RPG, or PL/1 programs, enabling these applications to be integrated with other systems.

    • Tibco Connectors

      With a no-coding approach to integration, TIBCO Connectors provide a bridge between applications and your TIBCO integration environment, enabling applications, databases, and technologies to become active participants in business processes as part of a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

    • Tibco Business Connect

      TIBCO BusinessConnect is a B2B gateway that allows businesses to interact and collaborate with other companies by enabling the secure exchange of documents over the internet and automating private and public business processes.

    • Tibco DataSynapse GridServer

      TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer is a service execution platform for dynamically scaling any application at any time. Processes run in their virtual environment while performing allocation of backend, clustered resources.

    • Tibco Foresight

      TIBCO Foresight offers a robust set of transaction automation and validation solutions designed to improve and complement your existing B2B gateway and translator or to be part of a complete B2B replacement.

    • Tibco Mainframe Service Tracker

      TIBCO Mainframe Service Tracker provides mainframe process monitoring and management information to TIBCO Hawk components running in distributed environments. Mainframe Service Tracker is a z/OS resident agent that tracks and controls multiple mainframe processes while exposing data in the TIBCO Hawk Management Console.

    • Tibco Manage File Transfer

      TIBCO® Managed File Transfer reliably transfers files inside and outside your enterprise – with full security, control, compliance, and auditability.

    • Tibco Patterns - Learn

      TIBCO Patterns – Learn provides an engine for evaluating feature vectors computed by one or more external applications. This engine provides a platform for detecting hidden patterns in some particular problem domain not tied exclusively to text or record matching.

    • Tibco Patterns - Search

      TIBCO Patterns – Search is an enterprise-ready matching engine with web-based GUI front end. It includes an internal database with patented matching algorithm and a prefilter that allows users to select a batch of records for detailed analysis, making it suitable for any size of data or transaction loads.

    • Tibco Substation - ES

      TIBCO Substation ES is the software platform that provides connectivity with transaction processing systems such as CICS and IMS as well as other integration sources for IBM and compatible OS/390 and z/OS operation system environments to the TIBCO Platform. By translating, transforming, and scheduling transactions and other related services between the messaging layer, applications, and transaction processing systems, it ensures the integration of mainframe-based information with other systems. TIBCO Substation ES is installed locally on the zSeries server.

    • Tibco Transaction Interface for CICS

      TIBCO Transaction Interface for CICS is the Interface for CICS transactions with EXCI for TIBCO Substation ES. This interface is installed locally on the zSeries server.

    • Tibco Transaction Interface for IMS

      TIBCO Transaction Interface for IMS is the Interface for IMS transactions with OTMA for TIBCO Substation ES. This interface is installed locally on the zSeries server.


  • API Management
    • Tibco Mashery

      TIBCO Mashery can be used as a standalone cloud solution, or in conjunction with the on-premise version of TIBCO API Exchange Gateway as a hybrid implementation. TIBCO Mashery provides you with everything you need to build an integrated API marketplace where service providers and consumers come together to create, host, manage, learn about, and use open APIs.



  • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM

      TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is the foundation for TIBCO's business process management platform for business process automation and model-driven application solutions. Designed to be business friendly with enterprise strength, it provides enterprise-level business transformation, process automation, and dynamic process modeling, as well as meets the high technical standards set for mission critical applications.

    • Tibco ActiveMatrix Decisions

      TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions is sold as part of the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM portfolio. This additional module allows users to define and deploy rule-based services to the ActiveMatrix BPM platform, which can then be accessed just from business processes, or be made available as public web service.

    • Tibco Nimbus

      TIBCO Nimbus® is a process management platform that allows you to capture and deploy your business processes in a format and language that is easily understood by all your employees. The result is it becomes easier and faster for the right employees to do the right thing at the right time, reducing inefficiency and risk and improving compliance.


  • In-Memory Computing
    • Tibco ActiveSpaces Enterprise Edition

      TIBCO ActiveSpaces is a secure in-memory data grid product that can also function as a system of record. It stores large amounts of data in-memory on a cluster of machines. It has the ability to persist data distributed across local disks without requiring a database. Additionally, ActiveSpaces supports very fast read and write operations on the data due to in-memory data storage and distributed persistence on disks. The in-memory data can also be replicated for fault-tolerance. TIBCO ActiveSpaces also supports fully ACID compliant transactions, concurrency control, eventing, filtered and indexed snapshot and continuous queries, and compute grid functionality using its remote invocation feature.

    • Tibco ActiveSpaces Transactions

      TIBCO ActiveSpaces Transactions is a fully distributed, in-memory transactional application server for Java that powers event-driven business-critical systems demanding the highest levels of performance and availability with a single, unified platform and dramatically reduced overall costs. Its "always-on" high availability provides for low-latency fault-tolerant systems and failover that is transparent to applications with data, service, and transactional consistency maintained – no databases required. ActiveSpaces Transactions delivers this power and extreme scalability while running on commodity hardware and open systems.


  • Master Data Management
    • Tibco MDM

      TIBCO MDM provides a comprehensive approach to managing master data within your organization, and synchronizing it across your value chain. TIBCO MDM ensures that your master data is consistent, complete, current, and accurate throughout your entire organization. The application is business user friendly, allowing them to participate in the information governance process. TIBCO MDM manages multiple data domains including, but not limited to, Product, Customer, Vendor, Location, Assets, etc. across various industries.

    • Tibco MDM Analytics

      TIBCO® MDM Analytics is an interactive, reporting dashboard that can be used to visually explore, interact, and analyze master data activity.

    • Tibco Data Quality

      TIBCO Data Quality is a robust, scalable, highly available, and easily deployable solution for mission-critical enterprise data quality. TIBCO Data Quality provides the ability to cleanse, standardize, and match any data including name and address data, product data, assets, financial and business data, and supplier data.


  • Enterprise Messaging
    • Tibco Enterprise Message Service

      TIBCO Enterprise Message Service is a standards-based messaging platform that simplifies and accelerates the integration and management of data distribution in high-performance, enterprise environments, enabling real-time decision-making and event-driven execution of business operations.

    • Tibco Enterprise Message Service Appliance

      TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Appliance offers customers all the benefits of TIBCO's industry-leading messaging in a standalone appliance. The appliance deployment option reduces administrative and infrastructure costs by simplifying the management of large implementations and globally distributed systems.

    • Tibco FTL

      TIBCO FTL is designed for real-time, high-throughput data distribution for industries with particularly aggressive performance requirements, such as financial services, particular government agencies, and utilities. TIBCO FTL is also designed to support content-based distribution and to speed development of new messaging-based applications to ensure greater flexibility.

    • Tibco FTL Message Switch

      TIBCO FTL Message Switch provides next-generation high-performance applications the ability to deliver superior performance by placing the application inside the network infrastructure.

    • Tibco eFTL

      TIBCO eFTL extends the power and flexibility of FTL by providing full-duplex, bidirectional communications to web and mobile devices leveraging HTML5 and WebSockets.

    • Tibco Rendezvous

      TIBCO Rendezvous is a low latency messaging and data distribution solution.


  • Monitoring and Management
    • Tibco RTView

      TIBCO RTView is an open business information delivery platform used to rapidly configure, deploy, maintain, and extend real-time and other critical enterprise information systems. This enables management and operational personnel to monitor the health and status of business operations.

    • Tibco Hawk

      TIBCO Hawk is a platform to monitor and manage distributed applications and systems. System administrators use TIBCO Hawk to monitor application parameters, behavior, and load for all machines in a local or wide-area network, and take action when pre-defined conditions occur. TIBCO Hawk reduces unscheduled outages and slowdowns of critical business systems by identifying and automatically repairing runtime failures or slowdowns within seconds of their discovery.

    • Tibco Service Permance Manager

      TIBCO Service Performance Manager provides real-time KPI monitoring and SLA enforcement capabilities across heterogeneous systems. Its real-time OLAP engine aggregates data in real-time to allow users to perform analytics on live, changing data. Some TIBCO products provide probes that publish monitoring data to TIBCO Service Performance Manager, while a client API is proposed to develop custom probes for other technologies.