Arctic Security empowers cyber security teams with actionable threat intelligence through data visualization, efficiency with automation and sharable contextualized intel packages with different stakeholders and communities. We provides technology and consultancy to computer security incident response teams at both national and enterprise level to effectively handle cyber threat incidents and to gain cyber threat situational awareness

Arctic's approach to cyber threat intelligence complexity is unique and it is a field-proven technology at various nation-state level deployments. The 3 key guiding principles are actionable, automation and sharing, highlighted with the Defense Cell architecture. With true situational awareness, AbuseSA empowers organization to accelerate abuse detection, focus remediation efforts, and ultimately secure their network. from external threats



Preferred Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform For CSIRTs

Arctic Security AbuseSA automates all the processes for collecting, managing and integrating threat intelligence, and gives security analysts the tools and resources to respond quickly to active threats.


AbuseSA Advantages

AbuseSA accelerates detection and response time by operationalising threat intelligence under a single platform

  • Aggregate all the threat data on a single platform
  • Transform raw data into actionable intelligence
  • Integrates and correlates IoC with existing security devices

AbuseSA Features and Benefits

  • Integrates data collection, aggregation, and normalisation without the need for extensive maintenance effort by the customer.
  • Protocol and format agnostic, collect data from both internal and external sources, across multiple of formats (XML, CSV, JSON, etc).
  • Browser-based user interface visualises all data sources and can be combined into an easy-to-access view of abuse and threats.