Barracuda vs KnowBe4

2019-03-15 - Admin Sysware

Barracuda vs KnowBe4

KnowBe4? Know Better! 
With Barracuda PhishLine

The Most Effective User Security Awareness Solution

Effective training and simulation requires realistic content and insights to face modern cyber-threats. Only Barracuda offers multi-vector simulation and advanced reporting as part of a complete email protection platform.


Best training content

Barracuda's curated content is based on global, real-time threat intelligence to provide up-to-date, relevant phishing simulations. KnowBe4 doesn't offer equivalent content. 

Full multi-vector phishing simulation

Barracuda's simulations include email, voicemail, SMS text, and portable-media threat vectors. With KnowBe4 you can't run text simulations, and you'll pay extra for voicemail and portable-media simulations.

Most advanced reporting and insights

Barracuda lets you drill down to identify the greatest areas of email security vulnerability within your organization. KnowBe4's limited reporting capabilities don't even come close.


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