Update Nessus Scanners by January 31st 2019

2019-05-20 - Admin Sysware

Dear Partner,

Please can you inform your Partners and end users of all customers leveraging Tenable’s Nessus scanner across product lines of SecurityCenter, Tenable IO, Nessus Pro & Nessus Manager that they update their version to at least 7.1.3 in order to avoid a hard limit of database plugin information of 2GB, which results in the Nessus scanner engine not being able to compile the plugin database and will cease a customer’s ability to run scans and collect the vulnerability data from the assets in their environment.

We strongly recommend this takes place well in advance of January 31st2019. The initial bulletin and supporting partner newsletter are also provided below as a reference.

Versions Affected: 

  • Nessus 6.x
  • Nessus 7.0 through and including Nessus 7.1.2

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