Pulse Policy Secure Integration with McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator

2020-10-19 - Admin Sysware

The Solution

Both Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) and McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO®) focus on centralized endpoint visibility, security management and control. Granular endpoint visibility and automatic enforcement of policies are critical for a healthy security posture across an enterprise. Together, Pulse Policy Secure and McAfee ePO help users to automate the enforcement of their policies, always uphold endpoint compliance, limiting risk of threats spreading, while limiting the administrative burden so security teams can focus on strategic tasks.

Joint Solution Benefits:

  • Enhance security and compliance - Enable customers to make sure only compliant endpoints can access corporate resources. This includes ensuring the ePO agent is installed and running properly.
  • Rapid threat response - If ePO detects any compromised devices, it can send alerts to PPS where an administrator or automated policy can isolate or quarantine the endpoint from the network and reduce the threat surface.
  • Security orchestration - PPS can now invoke McAfee ePO to provide endpoint remediation capabilities such as installation and updates of antivirus agent software to meet security posture before connection.


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