Deception technologies are defined by the use of deceits, decoys and/or tricks designed to thwart, or throw off, an attacker's cognitive processes, disrupt an attacker's automation tools, delay an attacker's activities or detect an attack. By using deception technology behind the enterprise firewall, enterprises can better detect attackers that have penetrated their defences with a high level of confidence in the events detected. Deception technology implementations now span multiple layers within the stack, including endpoint, network, application and data.

ShadowPlex Autonomous Deception

The most comprehensive ”Cloud First” Distributed Deception Platform for organizations looking to deploy Deceptions “at Enterprise Scale”.

Acalvio’s ShadowPlex - The new face of Cybersecurity

ShadowPlex - 5 Tenets of Deception


Acalvio ShadowPlex Cloud - Securing Public Cloud Workloads

Comprehensive Deception Palette

ShadowPlex supports the most comprehensive palette of deceptions: lures, breadcrumbs, honeytokens and decoys. This pervasive approach allows organizations to launch an effective and efficient campaign to combat advanced attackers. Our patented innovations allow ShadowPlex to project the behaviour of assets that are not otherwise easily virtualized or emulated [examples include IoT devices, CAT Scanner, Dialysis Pumps, Routers, Switches, ICS controllers, etc.]

ShadowPlex Distributed Deception Platform