No need a hard disk in your computer if You can get to the server faster.

     Cloud computing has completely changed the way businesses — and their consumers — store and access their data.

     Our Cloud Security is the only agentless CASB solution with support for any app and device, and the only CASB with integrated identity and access management (IAM) and agentless mobile data protection. It supports major enterprise cloud applications, plus SaaS, IaaS and custom apps.

     CASBs provide a solution to many of the security problems posed by the use of cloud services – both sanctioned and unsanctioned. They do this by interposing themselves between end users – whether they are on desktops on the corporate network or on mobile devices connecting using unknown networks – or by harnessing the power of the cloud provider's own API.

     API-based capabilities allow the company to support any cloud application in the market and provide blocking capabilities. The CASB provides deep visibility into thousands of user activities, enabling security teams to understand user behaviour and implement data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. These can be designed to stop exfiltration of data for both managed and unmanaged BYOD devices.

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