At Quantum, we believe it's time to shift how the world thinks about data. No longer is it just accumulated and stored. Data is now enhanced and rich with information about your business and it's gaining value at every turn. That's why you need a secure, end-to-end solution that allows you to manage and preserve your data for decades, to easily extract insights from it - whether it lives in your workplace, at the edge,or in cloud. That's what we do. We provide organizations with the software and services to manage and enrich data, including the most complex unstructured data and video files. And when you enrich it, data delivers the insights you need to drive your business forward-faster than ever before.

Your difference is in your data

ActiveScale Cold Storage

Secure, durable, extremely low-cost storage for cold data With storage growth far outpacing IT budgets, IT leaders are looking for new approaches to resolve this gap. Industry surveys clearly identify that 60% of all data stored is cold inactive data that is infrequently or never accessed again. Yet, organizations are unwilling to delete this data as they recognize its potential value.


A Feature-Rich Software Environment



  • Active and Cold Storage Classes
  • Optimized Scale-out Hybrid Storage
  • Quantum Hyperscale RAIL
  • Patent-Pending 2D Erasure Coding
  • Outstanding Tape Economics
  • S3 Storage Classes and Lifecycle Policies
  • Data Staging and Tape Management
  • Unmetered Cold Storage Access

DXi-Series Backup Appliances

The DXi® series backup appliances provide a uniquely powerful solution for meeting your backup needs, SLA requirements, and cyber recovey efforts. This means fast access to your data, faster deduplication, and scalable solutions for remote offices up to the largest enterprise data centers.

DXi offers the industry's most efficient variable-lenght deduplication, which minimizes disk requirements and dramatically shrinks your replication bandwidth needs, and your overall footprint.Plus, Dxi's high-speed disk backup and data recovery capabilities, now with Secure Snapshot capabilities enable you to reduce your recovery time and your backup window-plus, you save on resources.