RidgeBotTM automates the entire ethical hacking process100x fasterthan a human tester Ridge Security is changing the game with RidgeBotTM, an intelligent security validation robot. Equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques, RidgeBotTM has a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. Acting like an actual ethical attacker, RidgeBotTM relentlessly locates, and documents exploits. Automating penetration testing makes it affordable with the ability to run at scale. Working within a defined scope, RidgeBotTM instantly replicates to address highly complex structures.

Ridge Security enables enterprises and web application teams, DevOps, ISVs, governments, healthcare, education anyone responsible for ensuring software security to affordably and efficiently test their systems.

RidgeBot's Solution and Key Benefit
RidgeBotTM provides automated security validation services. It assists security
testers in overcoming knowledge and experience limitations and always per-
forms at a consistent top-level. The shift from manual-based, labor-intensive
testing to machine-assisted automation alleviates the current severe shortage
of security professionals. It allows human security experts to let go of daily
labor-intensive work and devote more energy to the research of new threats
and new technologies.
  • Improve security test coverage and efficiency
  • Reduce the cost of security validation
  • Continuously protect the IT environment
  • Produce actionable and reliable results for different stakeholders
RidgeBot TM brings automated penetration testing
within reach of every organization.

Higher Precision and More Discoveries with AI Brain

RidgeBotTM has a powerfull “brain” that contains artificial intelligence algorithms and an expert knowledge base that
guides RidgeBotTM in attack patfinding/selection. It launches interative attacks bases on learnings along the path,
sachieving more comprehensive test coverage and deeper inspection.


Intelligence 2B

Attack Event
3rd Party
Vulnerability 12K
POC Exploit
Fingerprint Rule
Privilege Escalation
Vulnerability 1000
Ransomware Attack
DNS Database Global URL