Synopsys Software Integrity Group provides integrated solutions that transform the way development teams build and deliver software, accelerating innovation while addressing business risk.

Its industry-leading portfolio of software security products and services is the most comprehensive in the world and interoperates with third-party and open source tools, allowing organizations to leverage existing investments to build the security program that’s best for them. Synopsys offers everything you need to build trust in your software.

img Secure your software supply chain
Your software is assembled as well as created. It includes more than open source and proprietary code. To build software users can trust, you must address the security of everything that goes into it.

img Build security into DevOps
Transforming your business through software requires speed and agility. Orchestrating and correlating your tests ensures that security doesn’t slow you down, even across multiple tools and vendors.

img Manage AppSec risk at enterprise scale

Secure software requires more than just tools. You need to align your people, processes, and technology to address security risks based on your organization’s unique policies and business objectives.

Synopsys has been a leader in the Gartner®️ Magic QuadrantTM for Application Security Testing (AST) for the seventh year in a row. Synopsys is placed the highest for ability to execute and furthest to the right for completeness of vision.


Learn why Synopsys is the Gartner Leader for Application Security Testing.
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Synopsys provides a complete AppSec portfolio to address your needs