Minimize your corporate data leakage risks with Zecurion Data Loss Prevention. Zecurion DLP provides a 360 ° view of all processes, associated with your employees. Facilitated by modular architecture, the solution allows you to create your perfect cybersecurity blend for ultimate control. Know more, risk less

Key product Zecurion Data Loss Prevention


Quick installation in 1-2 days regardless of network architecture


Compliance-ready solutions for GRDP, PCI DS S, HIPAA, FRPA and other


Industry solutions for Retail, Financial, Healthcare and 10 more

Advanced Features

This unique AI-based feature changes the game, stopping the insiders that were previously not being able to catch. Whenever someone tries to photograph a screen by the smartphone, Zecurion DLP immediately detects it via webcam and blocks the computer. The revolutionary technology uses 2 neural networks to ensure reliable smartphone detection and flags cybersecurity incidents in a blink of an eye (from 0.06 seconds).


Key features of Zecurion DLP

Zecurion DLP delivers everything you need to control data leak channels, monitor employee handling of data, and prevent data breaches.


Ultimate channel control

  • Comprehensive control of data leak channels;
  • File content extraction and analysis.
  Deep context
  • Archive files and messages;
  • Powerful reports;
  • Events logging;
  • Investigation module.
Risk-based supervision
  • Smart catalogue of employees;
  • User connection map;
  • Risk-based assessment.
Easy management
  • Flexible policies and rules;
  • Single console;
  • Active Directory integration;
  • Rest API.
  • User Behavior Analysis with detection of anomalies;
  • Emotional evaluation;
  • Behavioral profiles;
  • Behavior comparison.
  Unique features
  • Screen Photo Protection;
  • Screen Watermarks;
  • Blocking of screenshots;
  • Chat-like report;
  • Microphone and Webcam recording;
  • Live connection to desktop and webcam;
  • Screenshot and keyboard recording;
  • Application control;
  • Hiding of endpoint agent from the user.