AuxisEyes provides a single glass panel to monitor activities at sea, and assist law enforcement agencies, coastguards, navies, and others to carry out surveillance missions & law enforcement operations at sea.

More than 400.000 vessels by Name, IMO / MMSI / Call sign, Class, Flag, and many more.

Users can plot and visualize the latest ship positions, view important ship information, including ship images, and gain access to 90 days of historical track data for each ship within SignusMIS. This data access improves maritime monitoring of ship activities around the world by providing dynamic and up-to-date ship information from the world’s most comprehensive Satellite AIS service.

img Maritime Surveillance

The platform for monitoring maritime assets, especially the movement of ships based on satellite and terrestrial AIS (automatic identification system) & VMS. The platform has the ability to monitor (area, maritime assets, critical infrastructure), and track the position of the ship and is equipped with several other supporting information such as ship identity and met oceanographic data.

AuxisEyes is based on big data technology, receiving, storing, processing, and real-time querying a variety of different data sources, both structured and unstructured, such as (AIS, SAT-AIS, LRIT, VMS, SAR and EO imagery, ship information, etc.).

img Satellite Imagery Analysis

A satellite imagery analysis system that has the ability to identify vessels that have an identity / do not have an identity (dark vessels). The system has the ability to acquire/store SAR (Synthetic-aperture radar) image data from satellite imagery providers, perform spatial processing of AIS (S/T) or VMS data & identify the identity and presence of ships.

In addition to dark vessel identification, in IUU Enforcement, this Imagery analysis also helps Law-Enforcement verify the location of the target vessel to avoid GPS spoofing before operating vessels.

img Anomaly Detection & Risk Management

Geospatial Analysis System on AuxisEyes has the ability to analyse behaviour & patterns over time from a collection of information on the movement of AIS S-T, VMS) ship databases. This multi-temporal and multi-sensor observation system is used as a baseline for risk assessment and identification of threats at sea. From the existing baseline, risk assessment is developed from various collections of abnormal behaviour patterns (anomalies) to produce quantitative information to make it easier for analysts to help analyse and determine the object with the highest level of risk.

Bigdata and machine learning technologies developed at Auxiseyes perform the behavioral analysis process, and can flexibly be used for wide application operational areas such as:

img Detection of Illegal Fishing (IUU)
img Detect Illegal Activity (Smuggling, Hijacking)
img Ship-to-ship / Transhipment
img Area Of Interest Monitoring (example: observation of port area, or conservation area)
img Vessel Of Interest Observation