TPlsoftware is the no. 1 FinTech software company in Taiwan providing proprietary iPaaS middle platform DigiFusion domestically and overseas. TPlsoftware also offers comprehensive software solutions and cloud services with extensive cross-national project experiences. Globally recognized, it is trusted by customers across industries such as BFSI, government, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

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An ISO-27001 certified, enterprise-grade integration middle platform featuring drag-and-drop legacy integration, low/no code service development with CI/CD support, comprehensive API and log management to build mission-critical and collaborative ecosystems.

img Anti-hacking Protection for Data Transmission Adopting the encryption technology with minimal impact on performance to prevent data breach and hacking during data transmission. No secrets management is needed.
img Data Caching Applicable to various data sources (DB, API, FileSystem) for real-time cache updates when data is updated or changed.
img Optimization of Cluster Computing Real-time allocation of new tasks based on the status of each apparatus to achieve best performance for multi-host architecture.
img Program Parallel Processing The decentralization feature allows executing a task by different nodes, greatly improving system performance and preventing system failure resulting from a single point of services.
img Efficient Fuzzy Search of Databases Applicable to various RDB and NoSQL for full-text query.


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API Management Log Management
digiRunner is an enterprise-grade API service management platform supporting a 100% OpenAPI architecture. It allows you to develop, deploy, and monitor all your APIs on a single platform. Manage your massive log data with digiLogs, a central- ized log management platform. It integrates log data from multiple systems and eliminates the hassle of finding each trivial log record.