MaxPatrol TM is made for managing vulnerabilities and compliance on corporate information systems. Penetration testing, system checks, and compliance monitoring are at the core of MaxPatrol TM. Together, these mechanisms give an objective picture of the security stance across IT infrastructure as well as granular insight at the department, host, and application level—precisely the information needed to quickly detect vulnerabilities and prevent attacks.


Vulnerability and compliance management system

  • Black-box analysis
  • Detect vulnerabilities:
  • by analyzing messages (banners)
  • by using exploit-like behaviour
  • by using heuristic methods
  • Web application analysis
  • Password brute-forcing
  • Network services diagnostics
img Does not require to install the agent
  • Uses standard remote access protocols
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Check for security updates
  • Detection of vulnerabilities and configuration errors
  • Configuration analysis
  • Account control
  • Change control
img More than 150 built-in standards
  • Automatic determination of compliance with applicable standards
  • Support of high-level standards and requirements of regulators:
  • Banking information security standard
  • ISO 27001/27002
  • Monitoring implementation of internal corporate rules



The architecture of MaxPatrol TM is flexible: scale up and deploy at companies of any size. Match MaxPatrol TM to your infrastructure by picking the number of servers, scanners, and scanning modes.

On large distributed systems, MaxPatrol Consolidation Server is just the thing. This server aggregates information from multiple MP Server modules for a full portrait of the entire IT infrastructure.