Bitdefender Expands Cybersecurity Partnership with Ferrari

2023-06-05 - Admin Sysware

Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity leader, today announced it has expanded its partnership with Ferrari S.p.A., to provide Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence to the company worldwide operations. Ferrari S.p.A. will integrate Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence into its security operations center (SOC) to help Ferrari security analysts more quickly validate and triage alerts, improve threat hunting and speed incident response. 

The automotive leader will benefit from Bitdefender Operational Intelligence Feeds, which deliver full threat context and indicators of compromise (IoCs) surrounding advanced persistent threats (APTs), phishing and fraud, malicious IP addresses, domains, URLs and filehashes used to propagate malware in the wild, vulnerability exploits, command-and-control (C2) servers, and much more.  

Ferrari security analysts will also gain access to the Bitdefender Operational Intelligence API, a query service that provides actionable intelligence not only about cybersecurity threats themselves, but also contextual information surrounding them such as the threat actors, malware families, victim profiles (industry, country, platform), confidence, severity, popularity  scores, vulnerabilities and exploits, and more.       

Recent research surveying more than 400 IT and security professionals across the globe shows that extending cybersecurity capabilities across multiple environments (on-premises, cloud, and hybrid) is a top challenge facing many organizations. With more timely and accurate threat intelligence, Ferrari security team will be able to detect malware, malicious campaigns, and anomalous behaviors faster, putting a stop to threats before they breach the organization or spread throughout its distributed environment from the office to the racetrack, on-premises or in the cloud.    

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence is powered by an extensive network of hundreds of millions of sensors including its global OEM ecosystem (serving small, midmarket businesses and enterprises) continuously collecting threat data worldwide. Bitdefender Labs, an elite team of security practitioners, correlates the data into evolving threat objects, collecting related known indicators of compromise (IOCs), malware, malicious domains and URLs and performs deep analysis to provide extended context around the threats. This telemetry coupled with human and automated analysis results in hundreds of newly added threats each minute, validation of billions of threat queries daily and less false positives for security teams. 

Much like in F1 racing, every second counts when it comes to preventing, detecting and stopping cybersecurity attacks and actionable threat intelligence is paramount for security operations and speeds respons said Florin Talpes, co-founder and chief executive officer pleased to be extending our partnership with Ferrari to incorporate Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence into the company security operations. This extension builds on our already strong track record as a Scuderia Ferrari Team Partner and as two leaders in our respective fields, work together to help Ferrari stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats.

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